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Q - It seems that I am frustrated to the point I can’t even sleep.  Why do you think I’m like this?

A - In my experience this happens most often when we have no clear vision for our life.  Secondly we have no clear plan for our vision.  So it’s a double whammy because we are probably trying to move forward while looking back at where we’ve been instead of forward to where we want to be.

Take some time and visualize what you want to have happen and how to make that happen.  Once you can see it in your mind you can do it and you’ll know it so now it’s the excitement that will keep you awake.

Q -How can I shake off this depression that seems to be there all the time?

A - You have a negative program running in your brain that is the result of you accepting untruths programmed into your mind as truth.  You see the brain is like a computer it accepts whatever you put in it as truth so when you access it you get exactly what you put in.  if you program in untruths like “I’m born to lose” or “no one loves me” etc etc that’s what you get back from the negative program you have allowed to be programmed into your mind.  It can all be changed ,  so you might want to watch my presentation “Walking Through Walls” to understand this more clearly and to see how to quickly change it.

Q – I have become afraid of the person I’m in a relationship with because they are getting abusive.   Is there something I can do?

A -  Yes, Get out of the relationship NOW.  You cannot change someone else who is abusive because it is a symptom of a bigger problem (which I elaborate on in my seminars). The old saying is “ the first time it’s shame on them the second time it’s shame on you.”

Q&A two

Q -  My friend and I are being bullied at school and online. Is there anything we can do?

A – Bullies aren’t tough!  In fact they are often hurting inside from lack of feeling loved or lack of a positive self image. They are seeking acceptance from peers by acting tough to cover up their own fears.

Sometimes you can respond by saying “I’m sorry you feel you need to do this to feel important.”  But if it’s physical you need to report it to the authorities including police.

Most important is that you understand that this is really not about you or who you are but is really about who they are and how insecure they feel.

Online bullies are cowards because they are so insecure and fearful that they should be ignored for their lack of courage and pitied for their insecurities.